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Corporate Welfare

F2Pool has gathered a group of believers who are deeply rooted in the blockchain field. The team is young and passionate. In F2Pool, you can obtain not only high salary, more professional training, broad vision, and flat team management, but also the insurance and housing fund + paid annual leave + flexible working time + annual and welfare bonus + free lunch + employee birthday dinner+monthly team building, endless Red Bull and snacks, overseas trips are twice per year……or maybe change the world incidentally.

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Director Of Operations
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the overall operation of the company's online products (website, APP, WeChat Official Account, overseas social media); formulate operational plans according to the company's overall strategy; prepare and implement specific plans.
2. According to the company's operational objectives, formulate product operation planning, strategy, and implementation based on the product's own characteristics and market conditions.
3. Combine the existing product operation structure, formulate, and implement the overall strategy and plan for product positioning, media promotion, marketing, channel construction, and customer service.
4. Plan online and offline activities, responsible for operation and promotion, planning business development, and coordinating internal and external resource operation objectives.
5. Collect and analyze information on various competing products and mainstream products in the market, study user behavior and market demand, and implement refined operations.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above; graduated from 985/211 university is preferred.
2. More than 5 years of experience in Internet operation; more than 1 year of operational experience in the blockchain industry, and a certain understanding of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining pool.
3. Skilled in using various operational tools and good at gameplay design.
4. Excellent operational planning ability, solid planning, and documentation skills, and efficient output of operational planning solutions.
5. Have rich and successful experience in online operation, planning and promotion, and channel construction.
6. Strong data analysis ability, exploration ability, and innovation ability.
7. Have good communication and coordination skills, and able to work under high pressure.
8. Having media resources in the blockchain industry or experience in planning and implementing large-scale online activities is preferred.

The above positions are based in Beijing. Please send your resume to the email:[email protected].com