The world's largest pool of integrated digital currencies

About Us

F2Pool, founded in April 2013 in Beijing, is the global leading and China's earliest Bitcoin mining pool; the world's largest integrated digital currency mining pool. F2Pool has a team of high-educated, high-tech, high-quality domestic top talents. Its founders, Discusfish and Wang Chun, were the first group of opinion leaders in the blockchain industry in China and led the team to build China's first digital currency mining platform.Its business spreads in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Russia and other countries around the world; F2Pool have led the rapid development of the blockchain industry.We expect young and energetic new members to join us in contributing to the global blockchain business.


2011-2013, F2Pool's predecessor: the private pool; it lays the foundation for future operations.


In April 2013, F2Pool was founded as the earliest Bitcoin mining pool in China.


In 2015, BTC accounted for one third of the network hashrate and F2Pool became the world's largest Bitcoin mining pool.


In 2016, ETH launched on F2Pool; F2Pool’s hashrate accounting for a quarter of the network hashrate, and the number of mining pool connections reached millions.


In 2018, F2Pool continued to lead the digital currency mining industry and changed the world together with high-quality digital asset projects.